And Now for Something You Never Expected*

I got home from Prince Albert a couple days ago, and I am very glad to be home. Not that I don’t love my friends and father there, but I really missed Ashley and Zoey. I’m used to seeing them everyday, and they’ve been my sunshine in the rain. But in the 2 weeks that I was there I worked a lot and made a nice amount of money that will carry me until I get a job.

Prince Albert seems a lot different to me now. I used to live there every summer during college. I had guaranteed employment and my parents were there so it made sense. I had built up a lot of relationships and bonds with friends too, and it was great in the summers to have so many cool people to hang out with. However, now my parents are separated and on the way to divorce, so my dad lives in Prince Albert with his fiance and my mom lives in Alberta. I never really thought that I would be here at this point in my life. There is an expectation that if your parents have made it through 25 years together then they’ll be together forever. Not so in my case, and I know that sadly my circumstances are not unique.  Sometimes I think that it would be better if my parents had split when I was a kid because then I would have hopefully been left out of everything. When you are an adult your parents think that they can have crazy expectations. The expectations are the worst part.

I am expected to have no boundaries or personal rights, or at least not enforce them.

I am expected to accept or at least act like I accept everything that has happened, does happen, and will happen.

I am expected to listen to everything but not share my honest feelings on anything.

What I’ve learned through my parents divorce, besides learning to never put my children through a divorce, is that divorce makes people mean, manipulate, and selfish. This seems to be one place where the movies got it right. Divorce sucks.