Bank Trauma*

So this past weekend was really not cool. I am still working at Starbucks, but I had seriously been thinking about quitting because it is very unpleasant work. However, it is so an extremely good thing that I didn’t give into the temptation to quit.

I was at work and tried to use my debit to buy something (about 3 dollars) and my card didn’t work. I didn’t think much of it and so I just used my visa instead. Later that night when I was getting ready for bed I decided to check my bank account. I was traumatized to see that my bank account had a balance of zero dollars and that my account was frozen. My only bank account was my student line of credit. All of money went into that account and all my money came out of it, and it was gone. Apparently because I graduated my account was set to be frozen on October 31st, but no body told me that was going to happen. I would love to tell you that I had really learned to be calm about money from my past experiences in the summer, but I didn’t. I had a full out panic attack alone in my room at midnight. It was not pretty. There was a lot of praying, crying, and hyperventilating.

Even though it was a crazy thing for my bank account to get frozen suddenly, looking back I don’t know why I reacted so dramatically. I should know by now that everything always works out, and I do mean always. It’s not always the outcome I would choose or a challenge I’d like to face, but everything always works out despite my panic or worry. And this time it definitely did and I learned lessons along the way.

The resolution to this story is pretty simple actually. I spent my weekend trying to relax and believe that things would be okay. After all, I do have those awesome people in my life helping me out anytime I am in need. Then on Monday before work I went to the bank and this really nice lady helped me create a new account, new visa card, and even was able to get my recent paycheck out of my frozen line of credit. It was pretty easy actually. I may not be the best person with money, but through all my recent money issues I’m figuring it all out.