I have an Employment Deficiency*

Some times I think it would better to just stay home. I am feeling much less bummed out about not having a job yet. I’ve been trying to focus on having a good “vacation”. Let’s face it, after going to school for the past 5 years I kind of deserve a break. At least I can hold tight to that feeling when I stay at home or around family. For any of you who are recent grads or have been before you will know what I am talking about. Every time I see a friend or acquaintance the first thing they ask is “have you found a job yet?” And so far my answer is always no. They then usually get this look of pity and say “oh well, something will turn up.” As if that’s a really great statement of encouragement. That, is always then followed by a ton of questions and advice about where I look for work, my resume, interview skills, etc. I know that everyone just cares and wants to know that I’m doing okay, and I appreciate the love. However, it can become very challenging to not care about the fact that I don’t have a job when everyone else keeps bring it up as the only thing in my life.

All of these questions have raised a question of my own. Am I just a new grad on vacation or am I unemployed? I figure that it would be easy to get away with calling it a vacation if I had actually gone somewhere. Unfortunately with no job I cannot afford to travel, so I am in my home town having the Summer of George, Bailey style of course. I always knew that my life would turn into Seinfeld eventually. But what happens when the summer is over and it comes time when I would normally go back to school. Is that when I hit the unemployed phase? I guess I find the term unemployed the most offensive thing. I am college educated and have great experience (though some employers apparently would beg to differ). The term unemployed carries a stigma of someone who is an uneducated and lazy mooch of the system. Maybe I should just coin a new term for unemployed graduates that carries no prejudice. My first brainstorm was “Employability Challenged.” But I  just Googled that, and apparently it is a real term referring to special needs people who need help finding a job. Brainstorm #2 – “I have an Employment Deficiency”.  That sounds pretty official. I guess I’ll try that one next time someone asks.


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