From the Beginning*

I think that being a student is the easiest gig in the world…Seriously. All we have to do is write a few papers, tests, and show up for class if we feel like it. The hardest thing I faced in University was figuring out what to do with all my free time that wouldn’t get me into trouble. In no other area of life could you just not show up because you didn’t feel like it. Even in High School where they took your attendance and you kind of had to go to school it was still so easy. I could hand in almost anything to my teachers and they would give me an A just because I had a good reputation. Now that that part of my life is over I almost feel as though I should have enjoyed it more. We rush through the stages of life so much always trying to get to the next place that we miss the moment and don’t enjoy it for what it is. I was in University for five years getting a diploma in Addictions Counseling and a B.A. in Sociology and for the last two years of my school I just couldn’t wait to be done. I hated going to school and doing homework, so I almost never went to class this last year. I still did fine grades wise, but I feel like I missed out on the fundamental college experience of making friends that last a lifetime and having stories to tell the kids. I thought that once I was done school that it would be so easy to find a job and I’d be so much more free to do what I want. Turns out that they don’t teach you in University that you’ll likely graduate not having a clue what you want or how to figure it out. They teach you how to write a good resume and cover letter to get the job of your dreams, but how does that help when you have no idea what the job of your dreams is? (Besides being the creative director for Vogue or being Rachel Zoe). I feel like I wanted out of school so bad because I thought that if I had my degree then everything would just fall into place. And that does happen for some people. But I think that thinking is like how Geneen Roth says overweight people view being thin. They think, “if only I had smaller thighs” or “If only I looked like Gisele” then they would be happy. But that’s not what happens. If you’re incapable of loving yourself overweight then losing the weight won’t help. It’s the same thing with thinking that finishing school will result in my happiness. The real struggle is finding my happiness where ever I am in life and taking in each moment so that life doesn’t pass me by.

So this is where I’m starting on my journey. And it’s going to be a long road I’m sure, but one I am eager to walk.


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